Dr. Ariktam Chatterjee – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Govt. College

Dr. Ariktam Chatterjee

Designation:Assistant Professor

Department: English

Qualification: M.A., PhD

Research Interests
Translation Theory, Semiotics, Indian Classical literature and language philosophy, Studies in European Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Research Project
• Awarded UGC funded Minor Research Project on ‘Modern Bible Translation in Bangla’ between 2012 – 2014.
Research Publications
Journal Articles
• Can the Precariat Sing? Standing in Lotman’s light of Cultural Semiotics. Postcolonial Interventions. (Volume V, Issue 2, June 2020), ISSN – 2455 6564
• The Semiosphere of Arthur Avalon’s Mahanirvan Tantra: The First English Translation of a Tantric Text. Journal of Comparative Literature Association of India (Vol 9, Issue 1, 2020)
• A Comparative Study of Modern Bengali Bibles. Journal of Comparative Indian Language and Literature; Vol.V; 2020. ISSN – 2278 – 2621
• ‘Evaluate Patriotism with Logic!’: Interruptive Interiority, Nation and Indian Stand-Up Comedies: A Transactional Analysis. Postcolonial Interventions. Vol III, Issue 2 (June 2018). ISSN – 2455 6564.
2017 backwards
• Translating St. Paul’s ‘sarx’ in Galatians in Bengali Bibles: An Evolutional Overview. Victorian Journal of Science: Special Issue ‘Translation: Theory, History and Practice’. ISSN: 0975-5632, 2012

• A Guide To Classical Literature. Co-authored with Dr. Parama Basu and Samprikta Pal. Published by Saha Book Company, Kolkata. 978-81-923364-1-1.
Book chapters
• Together at Home Concert: An Analysis of Home and the World as Performance Spaces in Time of Worldwide Covid – 19. Manabjamin: A Dossier of Covid – 19 Pandemic : An interdisciplinary volume of academic articles. ISBN 978-81-8211-162-2.
• ‘At Theological Crossroads: Looking Back at Rev. Krishnamohan Banerjea’s The Persecuted’. Unmasking Power: Subjectivity and Resistance in Indian Drama in English. Ed. Jaydip Sarkar and Anindya Bhattacharya. Papyrus, Guwahati. ISBN: 978-93-81287-40-8

• In Search of an Alternate Historiography: Analysing Alan Sealy’s Trotternama. Sahitya Akademi Winning English Collections: Overviews and Critical Insights. Ed. Ketaki Datta. Authorspress. ISBN – 978-81-7273-728-3.
• Uttering the Silence: In Search of Post Independence Anglo-Indian History. Ethnicity and Regional Politics of Eastern and North East India. Ed. Dr. Anil Kr. Sarkar. ISBN (13) 9788184541281
• Ongoing – a verse translation of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales
• Hey Shunyata Chiro Shwechhachari – a book of Bengali translation of Kannada Vacanas with a critical introduction, published by Durattwa publications, Kolkata.
• ‘Independence’ Translation of Santhali poem by Laxman Bauri in ‘Dalit Poems, Songs and Dialogues from Bengal in English Translation’Ed. Asit Biswas and Shubhabrat Sarkar Published by Ababil Books, Kolkata. ISBN 978-81-939392-3-9.

Guest Lectures
• Series of guest lectures delivered in the Department of Comparative Indian Languages and Literature, Calcutta University and Thakur Panchanan Barma University, Cooch Behar
Professional Memberships
• International Association of Translation and Interpretative Studies (IATIS)
• American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA)
• Indian Comparative Literature Association (ICLA)
• Vashisth Institute of North Bengal and North East Developmental Studies (VINBNEDS)
Lecture Videos
Fanon on Violence Part I and II
• https://youtu.be/-6XgvoQv6gY
• https://youtu.be/tCMWNaYM3Ps
Lecture demonstration on appreciation of Indian Classical Music
• https://youtu.be/mPuX010FHQ0

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