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The Department of Philosophy (Hons) was established in the year 2013 (August ). At present the department has an intake capacity of 33 students per year. The department follows the course designed by the West Bengal State University and offers a holistic understanding of the study of philosophy.

Established in 2013, the department follows the Course designed by the West Bengal State University and offers a holistic understanding of the study of humans. Our department adopts for enrichment of students Socratic Method of Learning and we regularly take tutorial classes ,class tests etc. In the pandemic situation we take classes through online mode only. Google meet, Video call are very helpful for our students. We also deliver lectures on different topics by conference calls and our students record our lectures.

In general situation, we take the classes in person. We conduct our departmental meetings through conference calls. We focus on the personal development of our students. The younger generation is the primary basis of our society . Hence, developing their critical thinking is of utmost importance. Through philosophical education we refine the analytical skills of our future generation.

B.A.Honours  in Philosophy

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Dr. Rina Mukherjee (HOD)

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33 (UR-18, SC-07, ST-02, OBCA-03, OBCB-02, PWD-01)

Teachers distribute handouts to the students and the department also has a good e-book collection and a computer. The students as well as teachers have the facility to lend books from the Central library which has a collection of approximately 400 books on philosophy . Former students contribute their books and handouts for present poor students to support them economically and academically.

Socratic method of learning has been adopted by the department for the enrichment of students and regularly offers tutorial classes, class tests etc. In the pandemic situation, department had taken classes through online mode only. Google meet and video call were very helpful for students.Teachers  had delivered their lectures on different topicsthrough conference calland our lectures had recorded by our students. The whole department makes a sincere and unified attempt for progress of our students. In future plans, the department thinks about opening P. G course in the college. Department focuses on the personal development and carrier building of students.The younger generation is the primary basis of our society. Hence, developing their ability of critical thinking is of utmost importance. Department, through philosophical education,tries to refine the analytical skills of future generation.

The department maintains continuous assessment through written and viva method of assessment. Students have to go through several surprise tests. In pandemic situation,department conducted their online examinations and collecting the answer scripts from the E-mail Id:-



Sl. No Date Topic Speaker
1. 19.09.2016 Morality of Euthanasia Professor SubirRanjan Bhattacharya (University of Calcutta )
2. 12.09.2017 Paribesh: Amra O BhabishyotPrajanma Professor Nirmalya Narayan Chakraborty(RabindraBharatiUniversity )
  1. Wall -Magazine

Department has published an annual Wall

a Magazine – ‘Maitrayani’at the first time on 08-01-2023.

  1. Reunion- Reunion has been organized on 19th September, 2022.

4.Prize Distribution – The course toppers (each year) have been awarded through the Prize Distribution Ceremony organized from department on 19-09-2022.

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