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Welcome to The Department of Sociology at Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Government College, New Town!
The Department, which started in 2015,aims to provide students with an understanding of social structure and how individuals’ experiences are related to that structure. The basic principles of our undergraduate program emphasize an overall competence in the main areas of the discipline of sociology, as well as an understanding of a community-based approach to learning – the practice and use of excellent writing skills, the art and application of critical thinking, and the development and use of analytical skills. Our program also focuses on the development of active learning and research skills, doing sociology, the competent use of online learning, the development of both job skills and life skills, and considering the world as a classroom for lifelong learning. These principles guide the undergraduate program in sociology as it continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of today’s human population.

Our faculty expertise is concentrated in Gerontology, Family Studies, Religion, Feminism, and Labour, and we are consistently committed to advancing equity in learning by acknowledging social justice oriented scholarship – which in itself has been a long tradition in our discipline. We give our best efforts to help students identify and explain patterns of social life and human behaviour by emphasizing how large-scale social phenomena (such as class, race and gender inequality) affect every day experiences of individuals, and vice versa. While doing so, our program also introduces students to the conceptual and methodological tools of social science research, including field and survey methods, case study analysis, content analysis, and social statistics.

The skills developed in Sociology cut across many fields and careers. Your academic training in Sociology will enable you to stand out as someone who not only can interpret quantitative and qualitative data, but also as someone who can explore and investigate the complexities of everyday life and the effect they have on people, groups and populations across the world.

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