Principal’s Desk – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Govt. College

Principal’s Desk

Dr. Debsish Banerjee,
M.Com, PhD

Friends,We began our humble journey just five years back in a school building. Now we are well settled in our new building at a whopping 5 acres of land. We are still in our infancy but at the same time we are growing fast. We are proud to announce that we have been granted by UGC 2F. ‘Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom’—with this ideal in our mind we have the aim of imparting not only information but knowledge and also, if possible, not only knowledge but wisdom. It is only wisdom which enables us to look beyond ‘here’ and ‘now’. It is absolutely necessary that we must learn to look beyond our immediate interest. We must act for the welfare of our good old earth as a whole. We strongly believe that education is needed not just for earning our livelihood but for being a complete human being, who are responsible towards their family, friends, society, country and finally towards our earth. With this vision, for an all-round development of our students we encourage them to participate in debates, quiz, seminars, Independence Day and Republic Day celebration and in different other activities along with their studies. We sincerely hope that our students will not be mere graduates but responsible global citizens. Looking forward for a bright future of a unique teacher student relationship!

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Class Room

Classrooms are spacious, airy and ICT enabled


Science departments have state-of-the art laboratories


Library has thousands of books and friendly staff to assist the students


Green 5 acres large college campus adds a positive vibe to the teaching-learning environment